Taskers Resource

How do i signup  and become a tasker? signing up and become a tasker is easy. Just follow simple steps below

1-Click Menu button on your mobile device or  signup button on top  of the page on desktop


2-click i want to be a tasker  

3-Fill out all forms and ensure you place check marks to go to next page

4-setting up you your hourly pay rate. You click on each category you qualify to work and write a brief  description about your and work experience on this box. This what your client will see when booking your services. Next, enter dollar amount you charge your client  for each hour you work in the price box without $ sign. Scroll down and click submit button to save.

5-Under activity, select if you have a vehicle

6-Adding your availability. On this page, this is where you set up hours you would like to work. Place check mark on days and hours your are available.  Client will not be able to see or book your service on days or hours that have no check mark. You can always change your availability whenever you like.

How do I submit a completed assignment to client?

Taskers are required to submit assignment they have completed to their client so client can approve the work being done and release the payment through the dashboard. Just follow the steps below.

1-login to your dashboard and click account button



2-Under my account, click my tasks

3-On far right under tasker status, select completed option on pull down menu


Finding assignment on skillreward platform.

How do i find assignment or project on skillrewar platform?  On skillreward, there are two ways taskers or service providers can find work on the platform.

1-The first option is instant booking. When client login to their dashboard, client can see taskers available in area and can instantly book tasker. Remember, only taskers that made themselves available to work during that schedule or time frame will be showed to the clients

2-The 2nd option is task bidding.Tasker can click browse task button on the top page and can see what assignment is being posted by clients.  Submit your bidding directly to the clients and clients can hire you if they see you are right person for the job.


Clients Resource

I want to get few things done around the house; how do i hire tasker on skillreward platform? Hiring tasker on skillreward platform is easy as 123. No lengthy form to fill. All you need is your name, e-mail address and  a zip code so our platform can match you with our local taskers and service providers. If this your first time to hire on our platform, just follow this few steps few steps below

1-Click Menu button on your mobile device or click on signup button  on the top page on desktop



2-Click i need help with task

3-Enter your name, e-mail address and zip code and place check marks as shown.  

How do I Find and Hire a Right Taskers?

Finding and Hiring a right taskers on skillreward platform is simple. Client can either  post their job for bidding or they can hire available tasker instantly. Both hiring methods come with escrow payment protection. With power of ESCROW, your payment is all protected. You release the payment tasker when you are satisfied with work being done.

How Bidding Option Work?

Bidding option is the most popular on our platform. Client post their job and taskers  or service providers will see client post and submit their bidding. Client will review applicant profiles and hire whoever client think fit for the assignment or project. No subscription or hidden fee. It is all free for the client. Just follow steps below to post  your job for bidding.

1-Login to your account and click post a task on your dashboard.

2-select category on the left, subcategory on the center and enter your zip code.Hit continue.

3-Enter job title and hours to be bill. For example, if you are hiring a tasker and expect him/her to finish the job in 3 hours, you just enter 3 in Hours to be bill box. Next, describe what need to be done in the description box. Enter hourly rate you want to pay the tasker.


Notice that getting taskers or service providers to submit bidding for your post depend on what you are paying. If Taskers percept you are paying less than average and will not worth their time,  they will simply not submit a bid.

4-click send to a taskers button to post your job. Depend on the device, this button could either be located on left or on button page.  All bidding must be post for at least one day in advance.

Responding to a bid, interview and hire a right tasker

Here, this is where clients can chat with tasker, interview them and hire the right tasker. Client can also modify or delete his/her post as they choose. Our platform will not allow any party to modify or delete the  post after hiring a tasker or service provider. To chat with tasker, just follow the steps below

1-login and click account button on the dashboard.

2-Under my account on left, click my task lists

3-Under action on  far left, click view chat to chat with tasker. You can even call tasker and talk to him/her over the phone if you choose to so.


4-To hire tasker, click view task and click assign button.


Another option clients can hire taskers on our platform is through instant hiring

How do instant hiring process work? Instant hiring is least completed 2nd option available on the platform. All you have to do is login to your account.

1- Click on dashboard button and scroll down.


2-You will see all taskers available in your area. Click on any tasker profile and hire him/her instantly. Alternatively, you can post your job for bidding if there are no taskers available in your area.

3-Click more categories button to see more categories and use advanced search filtering option to find even more taskers in other zip. We strongly suggest you post your job for bidding if there are no taskers available.

Client Payment Protection and Tasker’s Payment

When a tasker completed the assignment, he/she will be require to submit payment request electronically to their client through the dashboard. Client will inspect the project to ensure the work is being completed as agreed. Client  can then login to his/her dashboard and release tasker payment. To do so, client will need to follow simple step below  

1-login and click account button on the dashboard.

2-Under my account on left, click my task lists

3-Under customer status on  far left, click down arrow button and choose completed option. Please notice that by choosing this option, you approved that the work being done, and you authorize skillreward to release the payment to a tasker.