Reputation Is Everything

At Skillreward you will be able to see Job Success scores and rating for each tasker, you will also be able to see comments and detailed profile information that make it easy to find tasker with reputable work histories.

Payment System

Skillreward Integrated Escrow at it pay system. With escrow, clients pre-fund work and release funds to their tasker as projects are completed or milestones are met – knowing that they’ll be able to review and approve delivered work before releasing payment. Escrow also gives tasker the comfort of knowing that a task or project is funded before they begin working.


Skillreward have build in Sophesicated chat Messages system with ability to have real-time conversations before and after you hire your tasker. Keeping communication open and expectations clear enable safe and successful workplace.

Hourly Work and Payment Protection.

Skillreward uses Work Dairy online timesheet tracking sysem. What is Work Diary? Work Diary helps ensure that an hour paid is an hour worked – giving you an easy-to-access billable time system with work details and in-progress screenshots

Dispute Resolution

Disputes rarely happen. But in the event they occur, Skillreward will be there to helps with dispute resolution.

We provide support

Our team is here if anything comes up, and every task is insured up to $1,000,000.