Skillreward is an On Demand platform focusing on connecting individuals looking for home services with safe and reliable pre-screened background checked independent service providers in your neighborhood. There are no monthly subscription fees.

What kind of work can I get done?

Skillreward have all kind of service providers who can tackle any task on your neighborhood . Anything from handyman, yard work, event planning, computer repair to graphic design – can be done on Skillreward platform. Our independent experts can tackle a range of projects and tasks.  Big or small, short or ongoing, individual or team-based.

Whether you need a carpenter, event planner to plan that wedding or a full-fledged software development to support your business, our taskers in your neibhorhood can accommodate that.


How do I find and hire the right Tasker?

Start by writing a clear and concise job post. You will see taskers and their profiles including their rating in your area or Each tasker will see your post and submits a cover letter and link to their Skillreward profile covering:

Skills, experience and portfolios
Client feedback
Their ratng
Language and communication skills
You'll get applications from independent professionals. From there, just interview your strongest candidates and hire your favorite

How do payments work?

Pay your tasker per hour or per project, whichever you choose. For hourly projects, the tasker bills you once a week, and we'll send a secure payment to your tasker. For fixed-price projects, we'll release funds to your tasker after they meet pre-set milestones. In either case, you're covered by Escrow and Skillreward Payment Protection, ensuring that you will only release your paymant when work is done to your satisfaction. All payments go through Braintree secure payment system. 


What is the Skillreward Service Fee
When you post a task, you choose a Tasker based on their skills, reviews and hourly rate. The hourly rate you see is inclusive of the payment for your Tasker and the 20% Skillreward service fee. When we send your payments to the tasker, we deduct a 20% fee from the rate they charge you. For example, if you pay your tasker $100.00, they earn $80.00 and we receive $20.00


Client’s instruction to Skillreward and its wholly owned subsidiaries to pay a Tasker is irrevocable. Such instruction is Client’s authorization to transfer funds to Tasker from the Client Escrow Account or authorization to charge Client’s Payment Method. Such instruction is also Client’s representation that Client has received, inspected and accepted the subject work or expense. Client acknowledges and agrees that upon receipt of Client’s instruction to pay Tasker, Skillreward will release funds to the Tasker and that Skillreward, and other Affiliates have no responsibility to and may not be able to recover such funds. Therefore, and in consideration of services described in this Agreement, Client agrees that once Skillreward or its subsidiary has release Client’s Payment, the charge is non-refundable

How do i know tasker work all these hours on timesheet?

 If work is done online, Skillreward uses Work Dairy online timesheet tracking sysem. What is Work Diary? Work Diary helps ensure that an hour paid is an hour worked – giving you an easy-to-access billable time system with work details and in-progress screenshots. In addition, all online task are fixed prices and tasker will delivery project before client release funding.


Dispute Resolution

Disputes rarely happen. But in the event they occur, Skillreward will be there to helps with dispute resolution.